Quick summary: Final CentOS 6.0 compose and build of ISO images is happening now. This will happen overnight, 
and once it's done, it will be pushed to the staging machine which will then start syncing out to the internal 
centos.org mirrors. Rough estimate on the push from the staging machine to the mirrors is ~2 days.

Longer version: We got through a couple more iterations today to work out some problems. Once we got through 
that, the packages were all signed with the new official CentOS 6 key, and pushed out to QA once more. At that point 
we discovered that while the RPM signatures verified OK on CentOS 6, they did not verify OK on CentOS 5. We spent 
some time troubleshooting this but got it worked out, resulting in a new new key. For this reason, the entire tree 
needs to be resigned and new ISOs created and pushed.

We're not yet through with testing on the updates/ tree, but we can start getting the main os/ and isos/ pushed out 
to the internal mirrors in the meantime. updates/ is much smaller, so we'll be able to push it quickly once testing is 


    最新进展:现在已经在编译和生成最终的centos 6.0的iso镜像。从今天开始,只要编译完毕,就直接进行发布并且同步到centos的内部源,整个同步时间(包括内部和外部源)大概时间预计在2天以内。


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