centos6今日发布(Update–7/7–Coming Soon to a Mirror Near You)

    所最新可靠消息,centos 6经过漫长的等待,今天终于要发布了。现在是美国时间7月7号,所以在中国就需要在7月8号才能发布了。不久,就可以在镜像中找到centos 6的身影了。

We got hit by a number of trademark issues on things that needed to be removed before release. This is all cleared 
up now along with a few more last minute bug fixes -- correcting deltarpms behavior, signing updates/ packages, etc.

There are trees pushing out to centos.org internal mirrors now with updated packages and ISO images. This push 
shouldn't take too long since they are relatively small changes to the ISOs. The QA team is going over all the recent 
changes and doing some last-minute checks to be sure the changes didn't break anything else. Once we're all happy 
and the packages finish syncing out to the mirrors, they'll get opened up for external mirrors to sync. Yes, this 
should happen TODAY (my time anyway -- PDT).



    美国时间比中国差了15个小时,所以今天,7月8号,centos 6将最终发布,希望不要再拖了。

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